When it comes to state symbols, we don’t know if there is one more recognized and associated with the Great State of Texas than the Alamo.  This last weekend 21 year old Daniel Athens decided to piss on Texas, and allegedly urinated on a wall of the monument… and what do you think happened?

Police reported that Athens smelled like alcohol, was unsteady on his feet.  (Let’s face it we’re all pretty sure he had to be drunk.)

He was found sneaking into a fenced off area, relieving himself,  putting it back in the cage, and a puddle of urine on the wall. Now, there is a visible a stain on the limestone wall, that experts will work to remove.

He was arrested and charged with Public Intoxication and Public Urination, and may be facing a felony charge for damaging a public monument.  A state felony charge that could carry a punishment of up to two years in prison. (Not saying he doesn’t deserve punishment, but really, the Alamo is 250 something years old, and neither Santa Ana or nature has beat it down yet.)

He is free on bond. (And I would think in hiding.)

You know Ozzy did this back in 1982, but in fairness, Ozzy actually didn’t pee on “the Alamo”, he relieved himself on the Cenotaph which was built in 1939, but is still considered a part of the Alamo complex.  He was fined, and banned from the state of Texas for a great many years over that little mishap.

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