Telemarketers are getting tricky! Watch out for this one, coming to a mailbox near you.

A green post card is showing up in some mailboxes informing you that you have a package ready for pick-up and to call the number on the card.

Turns out that if you call the number they try to pitch you on vacation rentals. The "package" is simply a packet of brochures pimping their services

See, if they can induce you into calling THEM, they can get around all those rules telemarketers have to follow about when and how they're allowed to contact you.

This really makes me mad! How do these people sleep at night?  Could you really work for a company that is so underhanded? I know it's a job, but come on! I would feel so guilty doing something like this! What really upsets me is how these tactics prey on the elderly.  Please spread the word about this!