Ok, fellas - how many times have you had a conversation with your wife where you wish you could go on auto-pilot? How may times have you heard 'Your not listening?' Whatever it is that she's telling you, you've heard it a thousand times already, and the only thing left to do is agree. Well, get ready for the iHusband.

The iHusband is probably just what you need to help you cope and now there is a new edition from iTunes. Just turn it on, pick a husband type, and let him repeat what your wife wants to hear over and over and over again.

It simply “listens to your wife so you don’t have to,” says the creator Frank Chindamo.  "The iHusband listens attentively until she stops to take a breath. When she does, just tap the screen and let iHusband speak the perfect response: “No those jeans don’t make you look fat,” “I don’t want to have sex either, let’s just cuddle” and “Forget Football, let’s just watch Lifetime.”

The iHusband is "guaranteed to make your wife think you care!" says Chindamo. He knows first-hand because he tried this out on his own wife.

Best of all, it can be used anytime throughout the year - birthdays, Father's Day, Christmas, etc.

Here's a YouTube video of the app in action.

Now I need a APP that tells me 'You're sleeping on the Couch tonight!

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