I don't think I know one person that doesn't love Bacon. It's just so stinkin' good! But can you take it TOO far? Would you eat these Bacon infused things? Bacon taco? (See pic above) Yes, the shell is made out of Bacon. I would be willing to try it :)

How about a Bacon wrapped hard boiled quail's egg and a bacon infused whiskey sour cocktail? I have never had a hard boiled quail's ANYTHING, and I am not much of a drinker. The only thing about this that sounds good is...the bacon.

bacon two new ways/Flickr

How about Bacon Caramel Maple Ice Cream? Yep, for sure would try that!

Bacon Caramel Maple Ice Cream/Flickr


Bacon Caramels? Yep, I'd try that too.

Bacon Caramel/Flickr

How about these items? Man, I never knew how much I loved Bacon because all of these look tasty to me (except the sucker-blech). Maybe I'm just hungry-ha!

Bacon Candy Bar/Flickr
Bacon Baguette/Flickr
Bacon Sucker/Flickr

Maybe I'm hungry, or maybe I just need some bacon after all this juice ha! Would you eat these items made of Bacon?  Take my Poll below!

What is the "weirdest" thing you make with bacon? Leave me a comment!

Happy Tuesday!