The recent controversy over our very own Federal Government spying on everyday Joe and Jane U.S. Citizen is disturbing enough, but did you know just how affordable it is for everyday Joe and Jane U.S. Citizen to spy on each other?

Right now, today, you can walk in to your nearest hobby store and purchase one of these  Remote Controlled Aerial photography vehicles similar to the one in the video below. Some come with a camera, some just give you a platform in which to mount your camera, but for around $200 you can start taking some really cool aerial shots around your neighborhood, work or school. The legitimate uses for this technology are endless, however, when you watch the video below you will see the potential for bad behavior is there as well.

These RC drones are not quiet, yet. In fact they're really noisy, but with time, technology and innovation, they will become less and less noticeable, until one day you won't ever know they're there.

This is just food for thought, it's yet another thing that parents need to keep an eye out for from their little angels who never do anything wrong...

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