When you stay at a Beaches Resort, you MUST book an "Island Routes" tour! Founded by a group of Energetic Caribbean People, Island Routes has one mission: to showcase the culture, beauty and natural resources that define each unique island destination. For Island Routes, the Caribbean is not just a destination; it's a way of life. So jump to it, and enjoy ALL of the incredible sights and sounds of the Caribbean!

All Island Routes tours are tested by all of their very own Island Routes Specialists, a group of Energetic Caribbean Nationals who grew up knowing and enjoying the types of adventures Island Routes offers. The resulting product is an Island Routes Certified stamp of approval that signifies Caribbean authenticity, fun, and originality.

Island Routes has been honored with many awards, including the Six Star Diamond from The American Academy of Hospitality and Sciences, and "World's Leading Caribbean Attraction Company" from the World Travel Awards.

Island Routes can be found in the Caribbean's most sought-after locales, including St. Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua, Turks & Caicos, the Bahamas... and still growing!

Here's a pic of our Townsquare Media Broadcast Group after the cruise along the north coast of Jamaica. We had lots to talk about the next day during our multi-market broadcast from the Beaches Boscobel!

We had the most awesome time on our Island Routes Cruise on the "Red-Locks" in Ocho Rios, Jamaica... we feel as though we have created some real friendships with Captain Ricardo and the crew, and plan to see them more often, or at least soon!

For more information on Island Routes, visit their website, IslandRoutesTours.com, or see the "Island Routes" desk when you check into any Beaches Resort!