Arkansas' senior running back Knile Davis, in his post-game comments to the media following Saturdays loss to UL-Monroe, asked: "How are we gonna react?".

What went wrong against the War Hawks Saturday night has been covered ad nauseum by tv pundits, in articles, blogs and on Razorback message boards. We get it already. It was a meltdown of epic proportions, where everything that could go wrong did go wrong (Davis correctly nailed the reason: they didn't execute).

But the real question is, "how are we (the players) gonna react?"

Many have suggested that players like Tyler Wilson, who will most likely be one of the top quarterback prospects in the next NFL draft, just sit out the rest of the season to avoid further injury. To them, the season is now a wash and there's simply no point in caring anymore.

I disagree. Granted, no matter what happens from here on out this season will be forever known as the year the Hogs lost to UL-Monroe. But, there's still a lot to play for and I'd like to believe our players aren't ready to mail it in just yet.

I have joked on the air about how bad Alabama is going to beat the Hogs next Saturday, but to be honest, I really believe deep down this team is going to rally and I'll be surprised if they go down without a fight. UL-Monroe was a 30 point underdog to the Hogs Saturday. If they can pull off the impossible, why can't the Hogs?

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