Everyone knows I'm a huge sports fan, but it never ceases to amaze me just crazy some people get over their favorite teams.

In Atlanta, GA over the weekend, two men were shot in an Applebee's parking lot because they were rooting for the 49'ers and an upset Saints fan took exception to their jubilation. One of the men was treated and released at the scene, while the other is in critical condition with a gun shot wound to the abdomen. The gun man is behind bars facing numerous charges. It all started because the two men cheered when the Niners scored a touchdown against the Saints in the NFL playoff game Saturday. The gun man had words with the men and after paying for his food said he would be back for them. A short time later he confronted them in the parking lot and shot them.

Then there was the Packers fan who almost choked her daughter to death in a drunken rage after the Packers lost to the Chiefs back in December.

I don't know how many times I've had fellow Razorback fans threaten me because I didn't agree with their view on whether certain coaches were doing a good job or whether this player was better than that player, etc, etc.  I've seen guys almost come to blows on numerous occasions over arguments involving sports teams.

I love to watch sports and follow my Hogs and Dolphins. But, I will never understand why some people take it so seriously. If the Hogs lose, guess what people.. life goes on and it doesn't affect me or my status in life one little bit. To bad others don't see it the same way. Sports would be much more enjoyable.