The bowl selections were announced last night and, as was expected, the Razorbacks are heading to Dallas to play in the Cotton Bowl. Which is great for the fans due to its close proximity, but the players aren't too happy about it.

The Hogs, who finished 6th in the final BCS poll, will play #8 K-State on January 6th in Cowboys Stadium.  The University of Arkansas has created  Cotton Bowl Central on the official Razorback web site with fan information.

Not all of the players are happy about going to the Cotton.  Browsing Twitter this morning, here is what a couple of Hog players had to say.

#6 team in the country and were going to the Cotton Bowl!!! Lose to the #1 team and #2 team at their place!!! *Pulls dreads out* - Cobi Hamilton

So #7 Arkansas lost on the road to #1 and #2 and beat #9, but will watch four teams ranked below them play in the BCS. Got it - Alvin Bailey

Speaking for myself, I understand why the players would feel kind of let down, but I'm glad the Hogs are playing in Dallas rather than Orlando. It's an easy trip for many of us and the stadium will definitely be Pro-Razorback. Last time the Hogs played in the Capital One there was as many Wisconsin fans as Hog fans in the stands. Ticket prices are ridiculously priced, but as faithful Hog fans we'll shell out the $$ for them.. Kinda sad I'm going to pay more for Cotton Bowl tickets than I did for Sugar Bowl tickets last year.