The Annual Bramlett  Beans & Cornbread Fundraiser is today from 11am to 1pm at the Southwest Center in Texarkana, Texas. The cost for lunch including tea, coffee, and dessert is only $5 per person or six non perishable food items. The money and food items donated at the lunch go toward food baskets to the truly needy families in the Texarkana area and is a joint effort between the Texarkana Water Utilities and the cities of Texarkana, Texas and Texarkana, Arkansas.

SWEPCO has some holiday safety tips for you. They say use only Christmas lights and extension cords that are safety certified by a recognized testing agency, check your tree lights and outdoor lights for damage each year and discard lights with frayed wires, loose connections and broken or crack sockets.

Never, ever attach electric lights to a metal tree. A malfunction could lead to a dangerous, perhaps fatal shock to anyone who touches any part of the tree. Instead use colored flood lights to give a safe beautiful illumination.

Select lights appropriately and never use indoor lights outside or outdoor lights inside. Don’t overload wall outlets or extension cords. Also when you leave the house or go to bed be sure all lights are turned off.

Applications for unemployment benefits went up by 4,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 402,000. This comes after several weeks of dropping claims. The Labor Department says this shows the employment sector is still bumpy. Experts say the number needs to drop below 375,000 and stay there consistently to lower the unemployment rate in any meaningful way.

In Sports: An NFL Thursday Night game is scheduled tonight in Seattle. The Seahawks entertain the Philadelphia Eagles on the NFL Network.