Good Friday, Here are some stories making headlines today:


The Arkansas Highway Commission has signed off on spending $12 million in federal money on 74 projects. The money is part of the Transportation Enhancement Program and is used for historic preservation, beautification, and pedetrain and bicycle projects.


The United States Postal Service says it's shutting down three post offices in rural Arkansas. Facilities in Parks and Boles, Arkansas in Scott County and at Ozan in Hempstead County will be shut down within a couple of months.


Oil Prices dropped big time this week with prices around $91 a barrel in trading today. Yesterday the IEA announced the release of emergency crude supplies. Analysts said the move likely reflected increasing concern that the global economy is slowing.


In Sports:

The talks are over for this week between the NFL Owners and the Players Association. The sides met for two days this week near Boston, Massachussetts and will likely meet again next week in their effort to reach a new collective bargaining agreement.