Texarkana, Texas  Police have issued a safety alert. Auhtoroities are warning residents to be aware that some suspects have been filling bottles with hazardous substances and placing them at the front door of residents, ringing the door bell then fleeing before the occupant answers the door.

Police say these substances can cause burns or respitory problems and could cause property damage or injury. This has been reported in the North Texarkana Texas area in Pleasant Grove. If you have this happen to you authoroties say do not touch the material but phone 9-1-1.

If you have any information on this you are asked to let Texas side police know about it.


Kicker Cup City Championship Trophy to be awarded this evening at Texas High. The Tigers are the winners of this years traveling trophy which goes to the Texarkana High School Football team which finishes the regular season with the best record. Texas High finished 7-3, while defending Champ Liberty-Eylau came in second with a 6-4 record.

Red River Credit Union and KKYR will present the trophy to Coach Barry Norton and his Tigers at a playoff pep rally at the High School tonight at 6pm.