The heat is on in Fayetteville and it's not just on John L. Smith, the embattled interim head coach, but on Jeff Long as well.

Wesley Hitt, Getty Images

No way Mr Long or anyone could have foreseen the way the team has fallen apart this season and I certainly don't blame him for firing Petrino or thinking Smith could hold the team together. However, there's a growing segment of the fan base that is getting louder and louder in their calls for Mr Long to do SOMETHING to help stop the bleeding in Fayetteville.

Firing John L. Smith at this point, I don't think is an option and Mr Long has said he has no plans to do so. However, he could go out and find a competent "consultant", like a Phillip Fulmer or Butch Davis, just to help bring the team back together and help get them focused. Kind of like Frank Broyles did with Danny Ford back in 92 after Jack Crowe was fired. It's obvious John L. Smith has absolutely no control over this team, they're not playing for him, they're not focused. Maybe it's Smith's personal issues (his brother dying, finances), maybe he's just in over his head, but the man needs help in a bad way. Hiring a "consultant" just to come in and help them refocus could take some of the heat off of Smith and Long and maybe, just maybe, this team could salvage the rest of this season.

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