Jeff Long finally broke his silence concerning John L. Smith this past week with several tweets and comments made at the Northwest Arkansas Touchdown Club Meeting.

Jeff Long visits with former players during Arkansas' Red/White Game. Wesley Hitt/Getty Sport

@jefflongUA: Supporting this team and these players is the best course for short & long term of our program. Our University has so much to offer.
@jefflongUA: Players & Coaches believe in our program and stayed with us last April. We need to stay behind them. We will.
@jefflongUA: None of us are pleased with where we stand today, but still have two-thirds of season left. We all now we must do better and we will.
@jefflongUA: Enjoyed speaking to NWA TD Club today. Great crowd. Shared my commitment to support our players and coaches the remainder of this season.


During his time at the podium at the NWA TD Club, Long was asked if he had talked with John L. Smith about recent comments in the media. Long said that "yes, we have talked".

It's apparent that Long is going to stick with Smith through this season no matter what happens and as painful as it is to watch, it's probably the best call. All we can do now is hope this team rallies and can string together enough wins to hopefully make it to a bowl game. If Long is able to hire the right guy in November or December, it shouldn't take the new coach too long to get the program back on the right track.