We had decided NOT to go to the Bama game a couple of weeks ago (financial decision), but now have decided we're going Saturday. The bandwagon has emptied out and it's time for real fans to step up!


Jeff Long posted the following on his twitter page last night: "We're all disappointed in Sat, none more than S-As & Coaches We will pull together not apart Join us for RedOut to show support for players ".

Of course a few folks couldn't help themselves and had to show their rear ends on the thread. Like this guy...

@jefflongua I support players w/ my attendance and my wallet. How about you work on finding a coach and I worry about my wardrobe?

— Trent Wooldridge (@twooldridge) September 11, 2012

Geesh man, full of yourself much?

Anywho... there are PLENTY of tickets available on Ebay and Stubhub. Some I saw for as little as $34 each. Come on Hog fans, let's go show our support for these guys. They've been working their tails off and as embarrassing as Saturday nights loss was, nobody feels worse then these players. I have a feeling they're going to come out Saturday and fight like wild Razorbacks! If I'm wrong, we're still going to have a great time tailgating with friends and enjoying a nice Saturday in the Ozarks!