The month of June is Goat Trauma Awareness Month. Yes, you heard right!

This has GOT to be one the strangest things I've see in a while, but after reading more about it,  I'm still a bit confused about this.  They are animals there for you should be cautious around them, as with ANY animal.

Have you or someone you know ever been traumatized by a goat?

According to the Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation website:

Each year, over 6000 people are traumatized by goats in the United States alone.

If a child is traumatized by a goat before age five, he/she is five times more likely to become some form of social deviant.

If treatment is received promptly, many of the extremely damaging effects of a goat trauma can be cured.

When given a choice four out five goats will attack a child before attacking either another goat or an adult.

These same goats will choose to assault an adult over another goat more than three times out of five.

There are over 50,000 petting zoos in the United States.

The majority of goat traumas occur before age eight and after age fifty-two.