Keith believes too much security makes the crowd afraid to let loose.  And that means they end up sitting on their hands looking bored.  Keith tells Australia's "The Telegraph", quote, "It's the prison warden security.

"God forbid that everyone can have a good time.  A concert is supposed to be two hours of unbridled freedom to be in the moment, to have the best night.  You should be allowed to do that."

There are several YouTube videos where Keith tells security to lay off...

(Keith notices something at the 1:20 mark.  It appears he's trying to tell the security guard to lay off a fan.  Finally, at the 1:31 mark he walks over and shoos the guard away using his foot.  Check it out...)

(Here's a video from last year where Keith stops his show and yells, quote, "Security dude, you need to leave these people the hell alone."  And he adds a few more choice words after that.  Keith's call-out is at 1:20.  Check it out...)

(Finally, here's a quick five-second bite of Keith from 2006 telling the security people to "lay off"...)

So, are you with Keith Urban on this?  Has a security thug unfairly harassed you at a concert?  Or... are you a security guard?  Tell us about the crap YOU have to put up with from drunk and/or obnoxious concertgoers.)