Saturday I had the great pleasure of doing a remote at Rowdy Adventures ( for their Grand Opening Event! SO MUCH FUN! Everyone out there is so professional and I just love the fact that we have something for the whole family so close to home! It's only an hour from Texarkana (on I-30 towards Little Rock, Okolona Exit 54). If you are looking for something fun to do with the family this Summer, ROWDY ADVENTURES is the way to go! It's a 3 hour zip line adventure, 15 zip lines and you go over the Little Missouri River TWICE! WOO!  I can't wait to take my husband and kids back next time! This video is me doing their safety/learning zip line...I have trust issues so you can hear me saying "What the what???" when she told me to just step off that platform ha! We couldn't pick KKYR up very well because of the metal building but no worries, I have the Radio Pup app on my iphone, I just hooked it up to their sound system, and booya, the best and most country for all to hear! Have you downloaded it yet? It's free! (Thanks to Metro PCS!) I highly recommend Rowdy Adventures for some rowdy summer fun! Have you gone yet? Let me know what you thought! Love ya!