Yesterday we had the chance to play in Shreveport at Sam's Town for their Charity Slot Media Tournament! They treated us to a special tasting of their new restaurant Smokey Joe's Cafe too!

Jim, Mario and I headed down to Sam's Town yesterday. Hey, we love to check out new restaurants and we had the chance to win money for about a "no brainer"! We were there!

First we were treated to wonderful food at Smokey Joe's Cafe. Chef Jessie is bringing wonderful Cajun flavors to the casino. We tasted samples of everything on the menu!  Armadillo Eggs, which are jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheddar cheese, smoked pork shoulder and wrapped in bacon! YUM! That was followed by Louisiana Boudin Balls, Hot Wings, BBQ Fried Pork Nuggets, BBQ Ribs, Rib Eye and more!

Our bellies were stuffed! It's a tough job, but anything for charity! :) Jim took loads of pictures of the food. Me...I was too busy eating! But, I did get a picture of my dessert.

Afterwards we were lead down stair to start the Charity Slot Tournament. There were 2 teams of 12. At the slot machine you had 3 minutes to hit the spin button continuously and as you did there were different icons that would pop up on the lower part of the screen and you had to hit them with your other hand to get extra points. Three minutes doesn't seem like a lot of time, but I'm here to tell you....Ouch! Your forearm really starts to hurt!

Great news is...I came in 2nd Place and won $300 to the charity of my choice! I decided to go with Harvest Texarkana. It's a great local charity! You can find out more about everything Harvest Texarkana does in our community here.

Check out some of the pictures below and look at my trophy!! I'm so excited because I  never win anything! I'm so happy to have won...especially for charity!