We asked our Facebook fans this morning if they supported Penn State's decision to fire long-time head coach Joe Paterno. Overwhelmingly, the answer was yes.

This story has just infuriated me. I'm not so sure I agree JoPa should be fired, although I do think he should have been more proactive in making sure this was reported to police, but.. JoPa is a convenient scapegoat for the university. There are many others who share WAY more blame than JoPa.

Like the 28 year old Graduate Assistant Coach who caught Sandusky IN THE ACT and did absolutely nothing to stop it. What kind of weak kneed coward turns their back on something like that? He called his dad, who told him he should tell Coach Paterno. Unbelievable. Do you really need your daddy to tell you what to do in this situation?

Then there's the janitor who, again, caught Sandusky IN THE ACT and, like the Graduate Assistant, did absolutely nothing to stop it!

We now know of two occasions where Sandusky was caught red handed and the people who caught him didn't do a thing to make sure this creep went straight to jail. Oh, I know, the G.A. told Paterno, THE NEXT DAY. The janitor talked to his co-workers about it. Said it was the worst thing he'd ever seen. BUT DID NOTHING TO STOP THE ACT FROM BEING COMMITTED. Un-excusible!

So many people dropped the ball when it comes to this sicko it's not even funny, so I'm not sure why people are singling out Coach Paterno. Yes, he could have/should have done more when he was told by the Graduate Assistant, but legally, he's done nothing wrong. I don't believe for one minute he was involved in trying to cover this up.

The G.A., on the other hand... had he acted Sandusky would have been behind bars THAT NIGHT. Same with the janitor. Yet the G.A. still has a job and some act like he was just an innocent victim in all this. His innocence ended the moment he turned his back on a child being victimized.