When I was a kid growing I can remember putting on a cape and pretending to be a superhero. My favorite was Batman the caped crusader. What kid didn't want to be Batman or Captain America from ‘The Avengers,’ so it was a bit of a shock for this one kid to see his favorite superhero show up on his doorstep. It just so happens that the bigger shock came when he realized that this real-life superhero was actually his army dad returning from Afghanistan.

His dad had missed his son’s birthday by a few days, but the family decided it wasn’t too late to celebrate. So the kid, dressed up as his favorite comic book hero, got one of the best presents a kid could ever ask for.

Not every child is lucky enough to have a real Captain America as their father, so this reunion makes it all the more sweeter. And when the son and his brother wrap around their daddy’s leg after the initial shock… yeah, that's what life is all about, special moments. Tissue anyone?