Earlier this week, director Spike Lee posted what he thought was George Zimmerman's address on his twitter page. It wasn't Zimmerman's address, but an elderly couple who lived in the same town. Mr Lee has now apologized and settled with the couple for his mistake.

According to the couple's attorney, Matt Morgan, Spike Lee called them personally to apologize to them. An undisclosed settlement was reached between the two parties to compensate the couple for the disruption in their lives. The 70year old wife says that she really felt Spike Lee was apologetic and knew what he had done was wrong.

Kudo's Mr Lee. You made a huge mistake in letting your emotions getting the best of you, but you also set a good example by immediately admitting your mistake and making things right. Hopefully, others will follow your lead!

Btw. The couple has a son named William George Zimmerman, but he has not lived in their home since the 90's and is no relation to Trayvon Martin's shooter, George Zimmerman.