Our little radio station lunch group had the pleasure of trying out the buffet at Larry's Pizza on Moores Ln at Richmond Rd last week and frankly we were all impressed, and stuffed.

They do the "buffet thing" a little different than most; After placing your order at the counter and getting your drink cup and such you run through and grab a little salad if you wish and maybe a slice or two to start things off, find a seat and let the feasting begin. This is where it gets interesting, instead of getting up to go back to the buffet line, the fine folks at Larry's start bringing it to you! That's right, every time a new pizza comes out of the kitchen one of the Larry's folk brings it around and offers you a slice or two. Awesome idea!

The only problem with not having to get up every now and then is you may not realize just how much pizza you have stuffed inna-you-face until you get up to leave and holy moley! I've eaten and I can't get up!

They also have some unusual pizza varieties you might like, whoever heard of a loaded baked potato pizza? Yep, it has actual potato on it and it's pretty good! You'll also find the likes of the Fat Larry Supreme, Meat Madness, Canadian Bacon and Cheddar, Chicken Alfredo and Buffalo Chicken Ranch just to name a few.

The food is good, people are very friendly and prices aren't unreasonable, what more can a shlub like me ask for these days, really?

Larry's Pizza
4400 Moores Ln, Texarkana, TX 75503
(903) 306-0237