Well, at least his most popular song has been because, "We don't want to offend other cultures".


A principal at a Coney Island, NY elementary school is refusing to allow kindergartners to sing Greenwood's patriotic anthem "God Bless the USA" during their graduation on June 20th. Instead, they'll sing Justin Bieber's song "Baby".

The principal told the teachers to drop Greenwood's song from the program because "we don't want to offend other cultures".

I'm trying to find the words to describe my disgust at this principal. If someone, living in America, is offended by that song then I say we pass the hat and buy them a one way ticket out of here.


I did a search on Twitter on this topic. Found some interesting comments.

Kris10:  "Greta Hawkins is dumb . I don't like her. Look her up. If God offends you, leave America"

chrissystrath: Greta Hawkins is offensive to me if she is offended by "God bless the USA" #ps90 #coneyisland

Shawn: If you're living in America & you get offended by the song 'God Bless the USA', then please bless us all & leave the USA!!!! #GodBlessTheUSA

Surfingmurph: Let Greta Hawkins know how you feel about her UnAmerican views, not allowing students to sing "God Bless The USA" http://su.pr/27kQs0

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