I can remember when my parents first took me to the Cincinnati Zoo as a child. My parents let us pick one animal we wanted to see before and after our picnic lunch. My brother chose the lions. My sister wanted to see the elephants but I loved watching the giraffes. However, when visiting the lions, I remember all of them getting along pretty well. Evidently, that was not the case last Sunday at the Dallas Zoo.

According to WFAA, Michael Henshaw, a visitor to the Giants of the Savannah exhibit, saw two lions kill another lion in their pride. Mr. Henshaw said, "At first you think they're playing; then you realize he's killing her... and you’re watching it. You just can't believe your eyes."

After Zoo security arrived all visitors in that exhibit were redirected to another area of the zoo. Zoo officials are looking into the matter and have separated the two lions indefinitely.