I wrote about the best places for a bachelorette party, but I haven't forgotten about the guys! On behalf of all the present and future wives of America, I have taken on the challenge of scouting out the best places in our area to have a Bachelor Party.  Guys, we (the gals) want you to have a good time, but frankly, not that good of a time. We want to make sure you are safe and away from any temptations.

So here is my list of the Top 5 Places for a Bachelor Party!

#5. Church Social

Guys, the food is home cooked and the people are wonderful. In fact, they might be able to give you some good advise and valuable information on your pending marriage!

#4. Bingo

There are lots of places in town to play bingo. The prizes are great and get ready to hoop and holler when you "BINGO!"

#3. The Library

Alright, so maybe no Hoopin' and Hollerin', but there are great books here! Be sure to check out books on how to be a great husband.

#2 Chuck E Cheese - Central Mall

Hey, don't knock it! My husband and I took our nieces there a couple of years ago. I had a tough time getting John out of there!  He loved it!  You will be spending lots of time here in the near future, so this will give you a chance to check out all the games! Plus, once again, you can get free advise from parents about marriage and kids.

#1 The Bi-State Justice Building -Downtown Texarkana

You and the guys can take a tour of the Bi-State. You'll meet local police officers, judges and more. Remember, we just want you to take a tour, and NOT for an overnight stay or longer!!

So there you go! Like I said earlier, we (the girls) really do want you to have a good time on your Bachelor Party, but we have seen the movies about such a party! We just want you to be safe, because after all we want you around for a very, very long time.