Next month is the biggie! June is the biggest month for weddings and you know what that means? It's almost that time to send off your good friend into "Lived Happily Ever After" with a good ol' fashion Bachelorette Party! Being that I have been happily married for almost 16 years and most of my friends are happily divorced, I was a bit nervous about this assignment. But really, a Bachelorette Party is all about getting the girls together and having some fun!
So, here we go!




#5. Zapatas - 215 Walnut St.

This is a great place to get the party started and great food as well. The festive atmosphere will get even the quietest of girls talking and talking LOUD!!! Of course, it could just be the margaritas talking!

#4. Fat Jack's Oyster Sports Bar - 3324 N. Stateline Ave.

Affectionately called "Jack's", Jack's is a true tradition in Texarkana! There is no better way to start out the tradition of a pending marriage then here. From previous Bachelorette parties, I can tell you this is the perfect place to make the bride-to-be do some silly antics, but that's another story!

#3. Shooter's Sports Bar- 310 E49th Street

Shooter's has something going just about every night! From live bands to Karaoke. Yes, make the bride-to-be sing Karaoke. Ah, kinda makes me think of that scene in "My Best Friend's Wedding"

#2. The Electric Cowboy - 4423 E. Broad Street

This is the place to go! No Bachelorette Party could or should end without first stopping by The Electric Cowboy. Their website it even says "We cater groups from 6 - 1,000 people and can accommodate any menu or special request!"

#1. Elite Limousine - 903-223-RIDE

My top pick for a great Bachelorette Party has got to be Elite Limousine! Why? Because you really need to go to all these places on the list. With Elite Limousine the party is mobile, and no one really needs to be driving on the night of a Bachelorette Party!!

Remember wherever you go or whatever you decide to do for your bachelorette party just have fun with the girls and be safe!