FADS the word says it all. Something that is cool at the moment but chances are it won't last long. You know what I'm talking about. Everyone wants to be cool whatever the latest fad or trend.According to Reddit.com they just finished asking the question: If you could bring back any fad, which one would it be? You might be surprised by some of the answers.

 Block Parties. Getting to know your neighbors and just chillin' out with them. Round here we call that a Redneck party.

Rollerblades. Never was much into this sport but there was some pretty cool rollerblade movies that came out.

Tetherball. Believe or not this game is now considered bullying. I remember playing this game as a child and it was pretty fun. It amazes me how they can take this entertaining game made for kids and make it into something cruel and unjust.

Slap Bracelets. This was a cool fad until they got banned because they had a tendency to accidentally slice open wrists.

 Saying "NOT" as a punchline. "NOT" anymore!

  The '90s Grunge Look. So hip and cool and a little smelly too.

  Fanny Packs. They were cool to strap around your waist for carrying small items. Not cool anymore unless you carry your winning casino money in them.

Mullets. Can't believe I had one of these at one time. Remember the ones with the rat tail. Can you say UGLY!!!

Here's a few more FADS I can remember

Hyper Color Shirts. They would change color with your body heat. Pretty cool huh!

Mood Rings. Can't tell you how many of these I had as a teenager. Depending on your mood the ring would change color. Still available today in select stores.

Black Lights. These were big back in the 60s and 70s buy a black light poster to put on your wall turn out the lights except for your black light and "Wow Man Far Out."

Tye Dyed Shirts. These shirts were made popular by the hippie movement in the 60s. I had a few of these I completely wore out. You can still buy these today in specialty stores. Peace!

Can you think of any fads?