Have you heard a local Texarkanian Michael Ulmer will be featured in a new movie "Rumors Of Wars" set for a fall release nationwide. But due to the fact that Texarkana is Michael's hometown there will be a special-limited release showing May 2-May 8 at Cinemark 14.

Michael Ulmer, a graduate of Redwater High School, moved to Hollywood in 2012 and this will mark his first lead role.

Raised in Texarkana, Texas, Ulmer began acting at a very young age in church and school plays. In High School he concentrated on sports, excelling in hurdles in Track & Field but toward the end of High School, Theatre began calling him again and he received Best Actor in his senior year One Act Play. He attended Doane College in Crete, Nebraska on a Track & Theatre scholarship. After receiving multiple leads and the Best Actor award his freshman year, he began to solely pursue Theatre. He went on to act in over 15 shows and won multiple acting awards during his collegiate career.

Upon graduation in 2011, Michael wrote, directed, and starred in his own full length play. The production earned him enough money to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting full time. Since then he has modeled and appeared in commercials and television shows. His feature film debut was in the 2012 horror movie Puppet Master X: Axis Rising as a Nazi soldier. Other film credits include Empty Heart of War and The Impaler. In the Beginning of 2013, he filmed his first lead in a feature film, the villain, Captain Webb266 in Rumors of Wars.


RUMORS OF WARS is a post-apocalyptic war drama combined with an intense investigative thriller. Years into the future, Captain Shaw408 discovers a diary from the past and instead of incinerating the book with the rest of the propaganda that he and “The Alliance” are out to destroy, he keeps it. Roxy, a college student from today’s time seeks to document the dark truth behind a “terrorist attack” that killed her fiancé. As Shaw reads her diary years later, he too sees the truth about the conspiracy that started the end of the world, realizing that he is on the wrong side. And while they both find the truth, will they be able to escape the lies without being killed?

Bearfruit Films is pleased to release the special engagement of RUMORS OF WARS May 2-8, 2014.

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Here's a couple of movie trailers.

(Source:Bearfruit Films/Andrew Schirok)
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