Luke Bryan is the latest artist to be criticized for singing the National Anthem. He performed the National Anthem at the MLB All-Star Game in Kansas City, Mo. Tuesday night. People were quick to notice he was checking his left hand during the song.

Luke tweeted “I had a few keys words written down to insure [sic] myself that I wouldn’t mess up. I just wanted to do my best. I promise it was from the heart.”

“If I offended anyone with my approach I sincerely apologize. Anytime I sing the anthem it is an honor and my heart beats out of my chest.”

He has also been criticized for checking his watch during the performance.

“I did check my watch because I knew the stealth bomber would fly over 2 minutes in and I knew a started a little late.”

Some of his fans came to defended him on Twitter:

“@LukeBryanOnline the national anthem is one of the hardest things to sing, let alone to do it in front of thousands and millions watching.”

“@LukeBryanOnline Honestly, it says a lot that you made the effort to do that. I don’t doubt your sincerity or devotion to our country.”

Well, it's not like he's the first.

1. Back in January, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler was under fire for screaming the song before an NFL game.

2. Aguilera apologized after she messed up the national anthem during the 2011 Super Bowl, saying she’d gotten “caught up in the moment.”

3. Pop singer Jesse McCartney skipped verses of “The Star Spangled Banner” while performing at a NASCAR event in California in 2009.

4. Michael Bolton had a cheat sheet as well at Boston’s Fenway Park in 2003.