Arkansas only theme park, Magic Springs, has announced expansion plans for the 2013 season which include retiring the X-Coaster ride.

According to Magic Springs General Manager, Steve Honeycutt, the park is planning a "multi-million dollar water park expansion for Magic Springs and Crystal Falls in 2013", but did not go into specific details. This will be the fourth major expansion of the park since 2008.

Fans of the X-Coaster have a chance to ride the coaster one more time before it's retired. 'Magic Screams' is going on at the park through the end of October. The park opens each Saturday and Sunday at 4 p.m.

The X-Coaster is the one ride at Magic Springs that I wanted nothing to do with. Rode it once and never had a desire to ride it again. I would rather ride the Gauntlet. Over and over and over.

My kids prefer the bumper cars at Magic Springs.

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