I don't know about you but one of my favorite pretzels is from Auntie Anne's in Central Mall. The smell always makes me want to stop and buy a pretzel fresh from being baked. But did you know there is an art form to making the perfect pretzel.But first, let me give you a little history lesson on the pretzel, the pretzel comes from the German word Brezel. The pretzel is a type of baked food made from dough in soft and comes in hard varieties and savory or sweet flavors in a unique knot like shape, that originated from Europe. Some are salted,  some sweetened with sugar, others may have nuts or jalapenos in them, just depends what your taste buds are craving.

Did you know the origin of the pretzel has a Christian background and was invented by monks that dates all the way back to 610 AD. An Italian monk invented pretzels as a reward to children who learn their prayers. He calls the strips of baked dough, folded to resemble arms crossing the chest, 'pretiola' ("little rewards")" that according to the History of Science and Technology and Wikipedia.com

So the next time you bite into a chewy pretzel, think about all that goes into making that special pretzel that leaves you wanting more. Now go buy a pretzel today for 'National Pretzel Day!'

Check out this video from YouTube on how to make the perfect pretzel.