Here's some of the news JW doesn't report...

In Philadelphia, a reporter was attacked by a man as he gave a live report from the scene of an animal cruelty investigation. The reporter was attacked by the son of the man accused of one of the most bizarre cases of animal hording you'll ever see.

Here's the video of the attack and follow up report..


In other odd news....

South Korean Scientists have created a glowing dog. The Beagle, named Tegon was born in 2009 and has been found to glow fluorescent green under ultraviolet light. It was created using a cloning technique that could help find cures for human diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Speaking of dogs.. a city in northern Taiwan is offering gold for dog poo. Well, they're offering a chance to win gold bars to anyone who turns in a bag of dog poo. Apparently, dog poo on city streets and sidewalks is becoming a major problem and city officials hope this will help get that mess cleaned up!

The star of  "Jeopardy", Alex Trebek, is on crutches today after he chased down a burglar early Wednesday morning. The female suspect got away when Trebek tore his Achilles tendon and fell, but the game show host quickly called authorities and gave a description of the suspect. She was later apprehended by hotel security and most of Trebeks belongings were recovered.


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