Remember the family treckster (station wagon) in the movie 'Vacation' I always thought that was the most hideous car I've ever seen. But wait there is a guy from Finland who actually has taken a limo created a new kind of car made completely from scrap metal junk parts. His car makes the Griswold's look like a Rolls Royce.

A 72-year old chaffeur Antti Rahko has invented his own brand of car made from junk parts from other cars. . It took Rahko a decade to build the car from scratch, using “two Mercedes Benz station wagons joined together, several parts from a 1962 Chrysler Imperial and various components from other vehicles.” The 7,500 pound 29- foot long limo has been appropriately named the FinnJett for it's numerous fin like tail lights.

The exterior of the car contains 86 lights, 36 mirrors and two jet engines which filter out the exhaust fumes. The inside can seat up to 10 people and comes equipped with a microwave, television, freezer and a couple AC units.

According to Ebay the car is estimated at 1 Million Dollars.  The last time it was listed on eBay, a couple of years ago, Rahko had quoted a reserve of $950,000.”

Would you be willing to spend one million dollars on this car.