Sort of odd but there are NO new movies in theaters this weekend, considering that the holidays are here.So I thought while we have this short break let's look at a few movie trailers for the upcoming 2012 New Year. What can we expect in 2012 other than the world coming to an end.

Here's one I'm very curious about The Amazing Spider-Man, no it's not Spider-Man 4, it's a re-vamped new version of Spidey.

Look for some of your favorite Marvel comics Super Heroes to unite in The Avengers.

Johnny Blaze rides back into town with Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence

And look for Batman to pop up again in theaters in 2012 in the Dark Knight Rises

And with the world slated to be coming to an end in December 2012 what better time for the Man of Steel.

Movie trailers:YouTube

Looks like 2012 shaping up to be a Blockbuster of a year at the box office...see you at the movies.