If you like big hair and great rock & roll music then your going to love "Rock of Ages." Ever since 'Glee' came out it seems musicals have made it back to the big screen. And if that's not your thing Adam Sandler is back with another comedy that will have you laughing in the aisles. Love rock n' roll but I think I'm going with "That's my Boy."

‘Rock of Ages,’ based on the stage musical of the same name, sees two young people who meet on the Sunset Strip in 1987, fall in love, and chase their Hollywood dreams with the music of artists like Def Leppard, Joan Jett and Journey along for the ride.

And in ‘That’s My Boy,’ a long lost father shows up unexpectedly on the eve of his son’s wedding day, sending the young man’s life into a tailspin.

Here’s a sneak peek.

‘Rock of Ages’

Directed by: Adam Shankman
Starring: Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Russell Brand, Paul Giamatti, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mary J. Blige, Alec Baldwin, Tom Cruise
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‘That’s My Boy’

Directed by: Sean Anders
Starring: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Leighton Meester, Vanilla Ice, James Caan
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