Father's Day weekend is this Sunday, June 16. Let's not forget what role a father plays in a relationship. Whether your father is alive or passed on I hope that you take the time to remember all the things he did for you or continues to do.I lost my father back in 2007, the same year in which I lost my mother and not a day goes by that I don't think of them both. My father was a simple man. We didn't have much growing up but my father provided for the family as well as any good father would. He worked at an ice cream factory called Southern Belle at the corner of 3rd Street which is no longer there. He wasn't afraid of hard work because he had done that most of his lifetime. Through the years, he taught me the values of working hard, being responsible, and respectful to others. I remember as a small boy going to work with him he used to let me help put in some of the mixes that went into making the ice cream.

Southern Belle had some of the best ice cream sandwiches around at that time and they had an almond bar that was out of this world. I've yet to find one that even comes close to tasting anything like it. My dad also let me help package the ice cream sandwiches that rode along a conveyor belt that I thought was cool. Not only did my dad  work in the plant he also delivered the ice cream.

I can remember he took me on a run to Ft. Smith, Ark. one day and we got caught in a violent thunderstorm on top of a bridge. It was raining so hard we had to pull over, the lightning was so blinding it looked as though it was bouncing right off the window. My dad looked at me and pulled me under his coat to shield my eyes from the blinding lightning and the loud thunder crashing outside the window of the truck. I was a small boy and was a little frightened of the storm but my dad had a way with words to comfort me and he prayed out loud that the storm would pass.

Shortly, after that someone knocked on the window and it was a truck driver who was taking a load of chickens to a chicken plant. About that time a bolt of lightning hit the bridge, the man jumped up my dad told him to get in the truck. I immediately smelled something like burnt rubber and thought maybe the lightning had hit one of the tires on the truck but come to find out it was the man's rubber soles. He lifted his shoes and sure enough the soles of his boots were smoking and melting but miraculously the man was alright. Guardian angel? Made me always wonder how he just showed up right after my dad said a prayer to protect us that stormy night.

Eventually, the storm subsided enough for us to continue our journey and we stopped at a roadside diner just across the bridge and let the storm pass. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that my father was not only a provider but a protector as well. My dad was my superhero that night, a man of great character and values, a man of God and a man who was loved by many in his lifetime. I have so many more stories to share but I thought that I would share this one with you on this Father's Day weekend.

Miss you dad...Rest in Peace!

Here's a few videos I thought you might like to share with your dad and friends.

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