Mother's Day is Sunday, May 11. There are many ways in which to celebrate Mother's Day. First, be thankful if you still have a mother. I lost my mother back in 2007 and to this day there is not a moment in time that doesn't go by that I don't think of her. My mother was a Godly woman who treated everyone the same. She encouraged me, inspired me, supported me, taught me to be kind to others but best of all, loved me unconditionally. In my darkest moments she was always there to lift me up. She taught me how to have faith when life gets tough, about trusting the lord and giving it all to him when things fail. She was loved by many friends and family and she touched so many lives when she was on this earth. She had giving heart and would do anything for someone in need. She always put them first before herself. Without a doubt in mind, I know my mom is living in peace in heaven and that comforts me.

I miss you Mom...Happy Mother's Day!

I ran across this video that reminded me of those special moments when I was a child. My mother was a huge movie buff like me, guess that's why I love the movies so much. But she would take me and my brother to see every Disney movie that came out. I remember going to see the 'Jungle Book' at Oaklawn Cinema. Back in those days, we also had Joy Cinema City/Drive-In and the Paramount Theater which is now the Perot.

So, for those memories and anyone who shared similar stories, this one is for you.