Just days after the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden, Disney filed trademark applications to use the name "SEAL Team 6" for purposes including: entertainment and education; video games, toys, Christmas ornaments, snow globes; clothing, hats, shoes. Ten days later, the U.S. Navy filed trademark applications of its own prompting many to speculate a major court battle was on the horizon between the two entities involved.

Yesterday, Mickey Mouse waved the white flag and surrendered, withdrawing its trademark applications. The move by Disney comes after the media company was hammered by comics and talk shows for attempting to profit off of Bin Ladens killing.
"Putting a trademark on SEAL Team 6 is like copyrighting 'The guys who stormed the beach at Normandy,'" joked "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart last week. "It belongs to all of us."
According to Disney, their intentions were misunderstood. Apparently, they are considering a TV show about the elite squad, much like "NCIS" or "Jag".