MIRANDA LAMBERT and BLAKE SHELTON are staying true to their country roots.  Instead of jetting off to some exotic honeymoon... they strapped on the hip waders and went angling.

Miranda even Tweeted a photo of the fish she caught, which looks to me like a largemouth bass. She wrote in the Tweet, quote, "Honeymoon bliss!"  (Here's that photo.)

Miranda is also staying away from that hyphenated married name fad.  She is now officially Miranda Shelton.  That's what her driver's license says.

Of course, she Tweeted that too.  Just a couple days after the wedding, she wrote, "Mrs. Shelton here!  Winning!"

Unfortunately, your Miranda Lambert albums will not become collector's items because she's keeping her maiden name professionally.

(I kind of think that the whole hyphenated name thing is going out of style anyway... Ladies, did you start out with the hyphenated last name when you first got married, and then decide to drop it?  Which did you switch to, your original last name or your partner's?)