A lot of MIRANDA LAMBERT'S songs have a "take no crap from men" attitude. Miranda says that theme is less about men bashing... and more about women learning how to stand up for themselves.

She tells "Cowboys & Indians" magazine...

"I sing about empowerment of women.  Not in an against-men kind of way, but just about being strong in who you are as a woman.

"And I try to have that message for young girls especially.  And for women who maybe have been abused in some way and didn't have the guts to leave... maybe they'll get the message that they can do it, and that they are worth something."

Miranda was raised by a strong woman, and that definitely helped shape her fearless attitude about life.  She says...

"My mom taught me confidence growing up.

"You know:  'Be confident... you can do anything you want to do.'  And not every girl's mom tells her that.  I just love singing about that.  Because that's how I feel... I'm a very confident person."

Don’t forget now, Miranda is nominated for “Entertainer Of The Year” for this years ACM Awards, and this year the ACMs are asking the fans to choose the Entertainer of the Year. Voting starts March 11th, and the ACMs go down April 3rd.