Please help look for this dog. Her name is Lucy and she is a 13 year old Standard poodle. This family has already endured enough loss. They need peace of mind to know where their beloved pet is now and that she is safe.

She was last seen on Buchanan Road, wearing a pink dress and a leather collar with jewels, and her tags which include one with phone number and name and the other was her rabies tag. Her snout is very slightly crooked and seemed to always have a recurring hotspot on one of her front legs that she would lick. She is extremely friendly, approachable, gentle and loving. She weighs approximately 60 pounds.

Lucy is a beloved family pet who lived with a loving couple for most of her life. After the death in the family and a recent move, Lucy was adopted by someone in Texarkana where she was apparently stolen. Hilary whose parents had originally owned Lucy was told that there were tire tracks, dog tracks, then the dog tracks stopped and then tire tracks going away from her home.

Here is Lucy's story, told by Hilary–

Lucy has been a beloved companion of my mom and dad for several years. They lived in a beautiful home in Alabama with a large yard and my parents were home with her during the day. My dad passed away and I was finally able to get my mom to move to Dallas to be near me. She moved to a condo in Dallas that has the assistance she needs but Lucy was larger than the condo rules allowed. I was more than happy to have Lucy live with me in my small 2 bdrm apartment with my toy poodle Lacy. Fortunately I have a queen size bed and the 3 of us could sleep in there pretty comfortably (well at least the dogs were comfy!)

She seemed to be adjusting well and my mom would visit her often. Eventually, I could tell Lucy starting struggling a bit with my hectic schedule. That coupled with her advancing age led to some potty-training challenges we had never seen with her before. She also didn’t have as much room as she was used to… even so she maintained her incredibly loving, gentle and “lap-dog” demeanor.

Through a family-member, we learned of a woman in rural Texarkana who would give Lucy a loving home with the room and day-long she needed. It tore our hearts out but we believe it what was best for Lucy. We would get reports that she adjusted quickly, was sleeping in bed with her new owner and all was well. While it was a heart-wrenching decision for us, we found comfort in the fact that she was happy and loved by yet another person.

Fast-forward to Feb 13th. My mom was told Lucy was stolen. I contacted the woman in Texarkana who told me Lucy had gone outside and wasn’t back in her usual 3-5 minutes. When she went out to find her, there were tracks in the snow in the long rural driveway. She could see where a car pulled up, where Lucy walked up the side of the car, and then where her tracks stopped and another set of tracks where the car pulled away.

We all are just devastated and praying that it’s someone who is giving her the loving care she deserves (although that’s a long shot if she in fact was stolen). Maybe it’s someone who needs money and is trying to sell her to a good home. In any case, we need to find her and make sure she is well, and get her back where she needs to be.

She’s horribly afraid of thunder… and happily would let us put her thunder jacket on when clouds rolled in. It was storming the other day and I just sat in my apartment and cried.

If you have seen Lucy or have any information that may help locate her, please contact Hilary by sending an email to or contact helpmefindmyPET at 866-699-3463 / 866-699-FIND.