Everyone has their personal stories to tell, this story is about a woman named Claudia Rendon of Pennsylvania who has been having a very rough year.Her mother and uncle died, then her father was diagnosed with leukemia and Claudia just got some bad news that her son, Alex needs a kidney transplant. It's enough to drive any parent over the edge, so she did what any mother would do in this situation, she took time off from work to give Alex the kidney, he needed and was later fired for doing so.

Yes, doctors found she was a suitable donor match for her son, and Rendon said she tried to go back to work, but learned she'd been fired.

The employer claims that Rendon had used up all her vacation time to be with her dying mother, and because her employer has less than 50 employees and isn't bound by the federal Family Medical Leave Act. The Family Medical Leave Act guarantees an employee's job will be held for 12 weeks in the case of a family medical emergency.

When the Philadelphia FOX news affiliate went to Rendon’s former employer to ask about the incident, her ex-boss said, “I have no comment and I’ll have ask you to leave.”

A rep for the company, which teaches would-be mechanics how to fix planes, later said letting Rendon go was perfectly legal.

(source: Daily Mail)