Mother's Day is coming up this weekend! Through the years being a mom isn't always easy but mom's are God's gift to each one of us. Even after we are no longer their responsibility, they are still doing things for us that we take for granted. I lost my mom back in 2007 and there hasn't been a day go by that I don't think of her and miss her so much. If your mom is still living today, give her a hug and tell her how much you appreciate what she does for you. I think that it's important we remember these great ladies every single day of the year, not just on Mother’s Day.


After watching some of these Mother’s Day surprise videos, it has  become clear to me that we should celebrate our mother's every day.  Thought I would share these videos with you and hope that it can give you some ideas for this year.

Help Around the House Coupons

Moms takes care of the household it's only right that we help her out a little.

Private Concert With “Keith Urban”

What do you do when you can’t take Mom to a concert by her favorite artist? You throw her a concert and sing some of her favorite songs. I've done this before!

A Surprise Visit

Many a good Mother’s Day surprise was done by kids sneaking home to shock their mothers with an unexpected visit. Who knew that all you had to give Mom for Mother’s Day was you?

Don’t Just Visit, Move Closer to Mom

Of course, sometimes just visiting Mom isn’t enough. If you really want to make mama happy, move closer to home where she can see you on a regular basis. Of course, it helps to get along with your mom.

A Baby Is the Best Gift

Maybe your planning on giving  mom flowers and even breakfast in bed, you really want to give Mom something special tell her your wife is pregnant on Mother's Day. She'll love knowing she is going to be a grandmother.

Seriously, They Love Baby News

More baby news...

Sometimes, a Hotrod Will Do

What do you get the woman who has everything? Well, how about that old vintage classic car she's had parked in the garage for years.

Spoiler Alert

This little girl only had her mom’s best interests at heart when she warned her about the surprise she would receive on Mother’s Day, so that the shock would not be too much for her.

A Song From the Heart

Moms love it when you give them gifts from your heart.  Kyle wrote a song for his mother, which she seems to enjoy despite the fun it pokes at her.  His mom ends up with a unique Mother’s Day gift she can always cherish.

Moms Like Rap Songs Too

Nothing is more fun for mom than a couple of  little girls who do a rap song for their mom every year, and we’re guessing she loves every one. You can see how the tradition started and why she probably looks forward to what new song she’ll get next.