I loved it several years ago when they made the movie "Walk The Line" about the Man in Black, Johnny Cash played by actor Joaquin Phoenix back in 2005. Now it looks as though another country music legend George Jones will have a movie made about his life and career.

The singer’s wife, Nancy, will serve as the executive producer and consultant of the movie, according to The Tennessean.  Production company 28 Entertainment, planned to produce a film that shows the singer “as a country music legend while battling his personal demons.”

The film already had George's stamp of approval on it and the producer of the project Dennis L. Baxter, began writing the story with George and Nancy six years ago.  Nancy said, “Knowing George had input in this film and that it will be told the way he wanted it told, I feel we are in good hands to collaborate with 28 Entertainment as we move forward with production.”

No word on when production will start and who will portray the country music icon or when the movie will be released.