Like most Hog fans, I've spent a lot of time since last Thursday "cussing and discussing" the Petrino situation. A lot of my thoughts I've kept to myself due to how sensitive many people are about this, but I'm really not sad at all Petrino is no longer our coach.

I was skeptical about Coach Petrino being hired from the beginning for a number of reasons. Many accused me of just having sour grapes due to Nutt being forced out, but I will always flat out deny that. It's actually a silly notion. I'm a Razorback fan, not a fan of any particular coach. With that said, I gave Petrino the benefit of the doubt and supported him (as I would any coach of the Razorbacks). I still continued to donate what I could and go to as many games as possible. I appreciated the hard work and dedication he showed, but there was always a part of me that wasn't ready to fall on a sword for the guy.

When word leaked last Thursday that Petrino was in trouble, like everyone else, I was disappointed. Whether he was retained or not, the dynamics had completely changed and the effects of this scandal would be felt for some time to come. Part of me was hopeful this was all just a big to do about nothing, but another part of me wasn't surprised at all to find out Petrino was less than truthful about what happened.

He almost had me believing that he was not the person those in Louisville or Atlanta or the talking heads on ESPN claimed he was. He almost had me believing that there was a decent guy behind his rough shell. Appears that's not the case.

Personally, I'm glad he's gone. Good riddance to bad rubbage. This guy's history clearly paints a picture of a man obsessed with himself. Those saying we should have rallied around the coach mistakenly think he gives a rat's behind about them or the state of Arkansas. He cares about Petrino and Jeff  Long's press conference clearly made the case for that . He thought he was bigger than the University. He viewed himself as untouchable. He was wrong.

No doubt Petrino will land somewhere and one day he might actually win a championship. But at what cost for that school? My prediction is in a few years when another Petrino scandal is all over the news, Razorback fans will be glad Jeff Long made the tough choice to send the snake slithering out of Arkansas.