On Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 local resident Jeff Hart rallied together the neighborhood of the Woodline/Forest Oaks subdivision in Texarkana, Arkansas for a good old fashioned town hall style meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to get feedback and find solutions to some issues, the neighborhood has been experiencing as of late. And to find ways in which the community can band together to continue making the neighborhood a great place to raise families.According to Jeff Hart the event organizer, a little over 100 people showed up to listen and voice their opinions. Mayor Smith, City Manager Harrold Bolt,Cheif Bob Harrison and Kristi Mitchell all showed up to show their support and speak at the neighborhood meeting. Jake Hambleton State Farm raised over $362 towards crime watch signs.

City Manager Bolt stated that the city has set aside $75,000 for street improvements in the area. A petition has already been started to present to the board for street improvements. Bolt was asked when will the McDonald Blvd project be finished. Bolt said after they work out some issues the project should be complete in about 6 months.

Cheif Bob Harrison touched on when to use 911 calls for suspicious activity in the area and made mention the standard curfew for teenagers during the week is 11pm. Cheif Harrison said police officers will be making routine patrols in the neighborhood.

Officer Kristi Mitchell said, get to know your neighbors, know thier vehicles and schedules, exchange information so you can all keep a watch out for each other. Get good descriptions of anything out of the ordinary and call 911 and report things that are suspicious.

Tommy Riggins of Acme brick has offered to build a brick entrance to Forrest Oak from Trinity Blvd.

For the first meeting Jeff Hart said it was an awesome turnout and looks forward to future meetings. 'National Night Out' in October is a good possibility!

Thanks for everyone for a great turnout and making this a great neighborhood!