Valentine's Day is just about here. So if you're single and still looking for that true love, you may want to know just what today's man or woman is looking for in a potential mate.

2000 people were recently asked in a survey  what makes someone sexy. A good sense of humor topped the list as the number one quality to have, with 73 percent of respondents saying it’s a sexy trait. At the bottom of the lists, only 6 percent of people claim being rich is sexy, so goes the saying "Money Can't Buy You Love."

1. Good sense of humor – 73%
2. Treats family and friends well – 67%
3. Physically fit body – 53%
4. Cares about giving to others – 52%
5. Attractively dressed – 44%
6. Is wealthy – 6%

78 percent of women say treating family and friends well is a sexy quality, making it the top choice, just ahead of the 75 percent who chose good sense of humor in previous studies. Believe or not, a good sense of humor was the top choice among men at 72 percent, followed by  62 percent who said a physically fit body was sexy.