Blake Shelton told US Magazine recently and said he's done with his partying ways thanks to his wife Miranda Lambert.

"I grew tried of going out drinking until 7 a.m. and then waking up at noon and eating pizza," Shelton tells Us. "Now if I want to go drinking, I only want to sit at the house with Miranda watching 'Snapped' on TV at home. It's crazy because even if I'm just out on her bus while she's on the road or watching her do her shows, I'm 100 percent comfortable because she is there. She really is that rock for me and the center of all of this."

I love the fact that he said they watch Snapped together. Have you ever seen the show? It's a true crime show about women who "snap" on their husbands.  My husband watches it with me and then he tip toes around me after seeing what some women are capable of.  What t.v. show do you and your significant other watch together as a couple?  Is there any advise you'd give Blake and Miranda for a happy marriage?