Last week, Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe signed a bill into law that would ban students from wearing clothing which exposes "underwear, buttocks or the breast of a female".

"We feel the bill can improve the learning environment in schools," said Donna Morey, president of the Arkansas Education Association.

I'm usually not a big fan of school dress codes, because I think a lot of these schools just go overboard with rules, but I can certainly understand why educators feel the need for such rules. Bottom line, many parents let their kids do or dress however they want and SOMEONE has to get some form of control over these kids. Respect, for themselves and others, is NOT taught in the home and so schools are almost forced to step in to take on the role which parents should be taking in these kids lives.

I think this ban is a good thing. As mentioned in the Reuters Article, lawmakers pointed out that students should learn to dress in a way that's acceptable  in the work place as they prepare to enter it and I couldn't agree more. It's just sad to me that parents allow their kids to dress like that in the first place.

What do you think? Is Arkansas going to far or is this a good law?

I couldn't post this story without including the Idol "Pants on the Ground" video. :)